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Best Deer Hunting Zones in California


Deer hunting is a popular activity amongst most of the adventure seekers wherever it is legal. When it comes to the best place to hunt the deer then California should be first in your list. The reason behind it is, the California have lots of zones and areas where deer can be avail easily. These are some superb zones where you can enjoy deer hunting without many efforts.

1. C4 Zone – C4 zone is easy accessible zone for deer hunting in California. The area is well crowded with the different type of deer. One can avail them easily during the haunting seasons and the rate of successful haunting is more in this Zone. The best season for hunting in this zone is summer days and days between Septembers to October are also good to have satisfactory hunting.

This zone includes the areas of Tehama, Shasta, Lassen, Plumas, Butte and Glenn. One can hunt by foot or by horse riding. The deer presents here are migratory and you will find the variety of species of them. Success of hunting in C4 zone is depends upon the migration season as it depends on particular food. Definitely one can experience good deer hunting in this zone.

2. Zone X-3B – This is another wonderful zone to enjoy good deer hunting. South warner wilderness area and Blue lake are the most accessible areas to have deer hunting. Another region includes North Warner Mountains around Bidwell Mountain and Dismal Swamp. One can easily target the deer and have successive hunting in this region. The number of deer present every year is almost stable and many species can be found throughout the zone.

3. Zone X-12 – Deer hunting in X-12 can be a superb experience. One can experience better high-country hunting in this region. The number of species available here are steady and the population of the deer is well-balanced. Virginia Lake and Sonora pass are easily accessible and remote place in this zone and you can experience good hunting in this area during the season. Hoover wilderness is a stunning part of the zone having willows, mountain brush and aspens habitats which are popular for seasonal hunting.

4. Zone D6 – In this region one can find the good opportunity of deer hunting during the season. The area covered by the zone is vast and elevated higher. Variety of species of deer can avail here and licensed hunter can experience good hunting with no any external disturbances. Above mentioned are some best zones to have amazing deer hunting.

Anybody having legal permission of hunting can enjoy it in these zones. Don’t forget to take necessary essentials like the boot, knife, trekking pole, rain gear and backpacks with you to have your hunting experience pleasant and satisfactory. Some of the hunting backpacks include Remington Twin Mesa Daypack, ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Day Pack and ALPS OutdoorZ Commander which are comfortable and easy to handle. For more information on best hunting backpacks check out this review.

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