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Haunted travel destinations in delhi


I, myself being a delhite have never been to places that are said to be haunted as its stories even haunt me. Many people are fond of exploring new things, of any kind, and trust me; haunted places can be one of the best or worst experiences one can ever have. That adrenaline rush to explore something horrifying comes from within and experiencing it is a plus point for people who love to take risks. So, I provide you with some of the haunted places and their stories to make you think of visiting this place or not.
1. House No. W-3, Greater Kailash: An old couple was murdered ruthlessly inside this house. And what’s haunting is that they return as ghosts to reclaim their house. This is the house located in New Delhi’s Greater Kailash area. Local people hear strange voices and subdued murmurs issuing from within the otherwise desolate house in question. Some muffled laughter emanates erratically from the house, every now and then. Besides, the dizzying heaviness which permeates the air around the house can hardly be accounted for, without accounting for the paranormal element.
2. Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque: There are the mausoleums of the 16th century Sufi saints Jamali & Kamali in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. Here, voices can be heard which call out to the visitors from the mazaar inside the central dome of the mausoleum. There are often complaints of an invisible gaze deftly following the moments of the visitors.
3. Delhi Cantonment: It is known to be the most haunted place in Delhi. A middle aged woman was killed at this place so it’s ghost roam around this area in a white sari and asks for a lift. It mostly happens in the past midnight and people can see her racing abreast of their vehicle very comfortably.
4. Khooni Nadi: This River is located in Rohini area and what’s horrifying about this river is that people who get into this river get sucked inside by a bizarre power. Several people have died in this river and the reason behind their deaths is still a mystery.
5. Sanjay Van, near Vasant Kunj: There is about a 10km stretch of forest and is known as the lung of the city. People often complain of an unsettling voice beckoning to them. The forest is completely desolate.
6. Lothian Cemetery: This Christian cemetery is famous for many haunted stories. People have seen ghost of headless person wandering near graves. According to legends, the headless person was once a soldier who got betrayed by his lover and cut his head. People can see him on new moon’s night.
7. Feroz Shah Kotla Fort: It is one of the most haunted places in Delhi. There are not many visitors to this place as it is ruined and haunted. The presence of Djinns inside the dark halls and empty corners produce an eerie vibe. Local people offer milk and grains with lighting candles to Djinns every Thursday as according to them- Djinns can make one’s wish come true.

My Bucket list to drench in the love of traveling: 5 Top budget places in India

When nothing seems going forward, and you feel stagnant! The one thing can keep you going; rather pump up the blood in your veins to fill your body with new energy and power! Yes traveling to the right places can do wonders. Away from the chaos, you get all the time to think, think, and rethink the solutions. If not this nature teaches you a lot. Every new person you meet, every new shade you sit under, every path thou traverse will make you learn the simplicity of this life.

I always thought life is so complicated but traveling made me understand; it is effortless. I beg you, when ever in doubt, go out and get lost! You will love your lives more.

Here I suggest five top picks of my budget friendly list, the cheap places I have or I want to travel, with no strings attached (wink)

#1 Alleppey

Where else but Alleppey. The place is as good as heaven in India. The surroundings are mesmerizing, and the scintillations of the light over the water will take your breath away. The place is cheap as the stay would cost INR 250 – 750 and food around INR 200 per meal. You can choose to stay in houseboats at slightly higher price, but the friends can obviously split the bill.

The Venice of East is perfect holiday vacation for a bunch of friends with limited amounts in the pocket.

I would die, to stay here forever!!

Alleppey – Mesmerizing View

#2 Goa

How could I miss this hot favorite of all the times? Get lost on beaches, listen to the waves of the sea and look till where your vision stops to see the water. Beach shacks, water plays, friends and the water sports. Goa is a perfect break from all the chaos. I celebrated the dark skies and the sea songs amid the cool breeze. A decent stay would cost around INR 450 a day, cheapest booze and inexpensive meals at the shack for around INR 300 per meal.

A beach view
A beach view – Under the shack!

#3 Gokarna

The tranquil atmosphere and peaceful environment. The quest to find your inner self will take you to know the freshness within you. You can hire some boats and ask the locals fisher man to traverse around the beaches. Comfy home stays will be available at INR 300 per day and approximately INR 200 per meal.

Beach and Sunset
Beach and Sunset

#4 Pondicherry

Spiritual instincts will lead you to the French flair to put up at the Aurobindo Ashram and experience almost free stay and veg meals. The shores and the evenings with mind-boggling alcohol in numerous cafes on the beach. Budget hotels can be found at INR 500 and tantalizingly French cuisines at INR 300.

Crafts take my breath away

Pndicherry 2
Sand, Beach and Sea.. An affair under the Sun

#5 Darjeeling

World best tea at least prices. Infuse the tea in the cup and get lost in the high peaks. The pocket-friendly blissful yet lifetime experience is a must have. Rise early to get dropped in the astounding sun rises. Don’t forget to enjoy the toy train experience. Stay for INR 800 a day and food for INR 300 for two. What else do you want? Yes, a cup of aromatic tea!

Tea leaves
Tea is must!

Kalsubai Trek

Kalsubai is the highest peak in Maharashtra and one of the most sort after treks. So when we had planned our trek for Kalsubai, I was very excited and up for it. We were group of 20 people who were looking forward to it.

We started our journey on Saturday night from Thane station by boarding 11:34pm slow local to Kasara where our transport was waiting which would take us to Bari Village which is the base for Kalsubai trek. Local was little crowded at Thane but as it reached Dombivli we got seats and after sometime we realized most of the guys in train were up for some or other trekking. A group we met was going for Harishchandragadh trek.

We got down at Kasara at around 1:45am and it was raining like cats and dogs at that time. I was worried at that moment hoping rain doesn’t play spoil sport in our trek in morning. We completed our first head count and moved towards our transport which was kind of mini Vans we normally get for such treks. The base village was somewhat 80 odd km from Kasara station and we reached there by 3:15am. There was a small house where we rested for till around 4:30am and later having breakfast of Poha and Tea started our trek around 5:00am. We kept unwanted things in our Vans itself which helped lighting our backpacks.

Trek starts by crossing small stream of water which has farming land around of most of the villagers. It was drizzling when we started, which was not helping our cause. Initial 20% of the trek is easy where you just have to cross rocks, muddy tracks and shrubs. Path for the trek is laid out so very well that it is kind of impossible to get lost.

I would advise you to wear good quality sports/trek shoes for this trek as during rain, path gets very slippery and needs some good grip for safety. There are various small shacks build up by villagers throughout the trek where you can re-energize yourself but I would advise you to carry at least 2litres of water per head and energy drinks to avoid cramps.

Once you reach around 50% of the trek comes one of the difficult part which is climbing up an iron ladder. It is an extremely tricky part of the trek which can prove fatal. Ladders are at an angle of around 70degrees, so you need to be extremely cautious. It took us around 4hours to reach the peak of the trek which included resting at regular intervals. At the top you have small temple of Kalsubai. The view from top is extravagantly awesome, it just mesmerizes you in its beauty and leaves you awestruck the whole time you are at the top. Unforgettable experience was of the lightning being struck just a feet away from us which left me shocked and surprized at the same time. After clicking some memorable photos and cherishing beauty of Mother Nature, we started descend around 9:45am.

You need to be extra cautious and careful while descending as one wrong foot can be dangerous. It took us around 2.5hrs to reach our base where we had our Vans parked. We cleaned ourselves by using water from hand pump and changed to clean and dry clothes as it was raining during our whole trek. We had our lunch at the same place which included roti, veg, dal and rice. We left the base village around 3pm along with some wonderful memories and friends with whom I had trek which will always be cherished (Our Gang below. You guys rock).

An Eventide at Sula Vineyards Nashik

Nashik is near Pune and famous from grape farms and of course Sula Vineyards. Being in Pune or Nashik, you can’t miss this weekend destination for some fine dine and wine. It can be a day’s trip but hazy evenings and gloomy sky anyone would not want to miss. So was the case with me!

We started in the morning on Saturday and traveled a distance of 210 Km. Sula Vineyard provides one with a luxurious stay, but we got Army Mess booked. Yes, we were students, and we had limited budget for this awesome trip. We freshened up and gulped some tasty food and moved forward towards our destination and we were all thrilled and excited.

Country’s leading manufacturers of wines, Sula vineyards are positioned beautifully amid the mesmerizing hills of Nashik. The Vineyards offers a different and peaceful yet luxurious experience. They have the winery, and we went for a tour followed by wine tasting session. During the session, we could see the big barrels and the processing of grapes to convert them into sparkling water. Monsoon weather is one of the best whether to visit the Vineyards along with on Sula Fest, India’s one of the most popular fest where we could enjoy to the core. The winery tour and wine tasting sessions were informative as the staff shared insightful information.

Post the session, we went up to sit in the open, but the place was crowded. We came back downstairs and sat in the open area outside amid beautiful ambiance. We ordered some snacks and wines. Nachos and chips were delicious. The haze was all around. The dusk suddenly seemed exotic, and the fairy lights in the sitting area over the plants made us drool over the mesmerizing setup.

We all occupied one table and sat there for long. We had conversations heartily and enjoyed every bit of the atmosphere soaked in the evening dusk silently running into the night. All I could think of the place and the situation,
Evening soaked in hazed glares and heart to heart conversations.
Those unstable steps and sparkling and sprinkling wine in hand,
Made the surroundings more happening,
All I could do was fly high and Feel good.

The Group at Sula Vineyards

As the time passed and a pleasurable time spent with friends away from chaos in the tranquility of the circle, and, yes, the ambiance was just perfect for the thoughts in my heart:
Eyes were saying a lot, which I could never
The sparkling fluid did, what I couldn’t ever
I missed you at the very moment, wished you to be there
This feeling would stay with me, now and forever

On the way back we went to Neopolitan Pizza to grab the buffet to gratify our hunger with a tasty feast. A good restaurant in decent spending, we had salad, soups, pasta, garlic bread, different kinds of pizza and dessert was a delicious brownie. We all were full but wanted to go back to the yards.

Mahabaleshwar: Enough is not enough

Another hill station near Pune to cherish the season on the weekends. 124 Km away from Pune, Mahabaleshwar is an ideal weekend gateway for all avid nature lovers and foodies, who want to gratify their taste buds with something tantalizing. Road trip to Mahabaleshwar has been a marvelous experience for me.


We embarked our road trip and drove fast towards Kashid early in the morning, at around 5 am. Yes, we started for Kashid beach but ended up reaching Mahabaleshwar. An exciting ride it was. We initially planned for Kashid, but after taking a halt Mulshi Dam for breakfast, we decided to go to Mahabaleshwar. For the food lovers, the delicious dishes entice them to change their routes and destine to the land of strawberries.

Mulshi on the way

Here I reminisce, the attractions of Mahabaleshwar that dragged me towards the green sheet on the hills.

# Mapro Gardens

Mapro gardens are one of the major attractions at the hill station. As we were dying of hunger, we reached the gardens, and the view was beautiful. The dishes were delicious that I could not stop but grabbed the tantalizing strawberry ice cream having real strawberries in a big jar. The lip-smacking sandwiches were way too tasty. There are many fruit dummies to get your pictures clicked with.

In the fruit frame
Mapro Garden

# Arthur’s Seat

Breathtaking view from Arthur’s Seat is a must watch. Spend peaceful moments at the site and enjoy the fresh air. The mesmerizing scenic view is astounding. Inhale the beauty and forget the sorry, it boosted me from within. I found myself smiling and fresh.

The view is enough

# Elephant’s head point

Another landmark point in Mahabaleshwar where the stone is in shape of elephant’s head. It seems that an elephant with its trunk is looking into the eternity and messaging the world to come and stop in nature’s lap.

A date with an elephant

# Lingmala Waterfall

We kept walking and reached the top to witness the cold breeze amid an incredible view of the waterfall. Nature is always there to teach you a lot. The beauty of the place made me think and observe nature carefully. Reach high to fall low, or stay low to reach heights. Isn’t it?

Rise high to fall low, Stay low to rise high

# Echo point

Shout out, and you hear it back. Yes, this is Echo point with the view of beautiful valley and mountains all around. I never knew Pune would bring such experiences that I will cherish forever. There were a lot of monkeys and children shouting each other’s names.

Monkeys and kids are the major attraction

# Sunset point

It was a sun painted in the sky. I have never witnessed more beautiful sunset ever. The scenery was something no one can capture in cameras but eyes and heart.

The scenic sunset

# Venna Lake

Another attraction of the place, how could have I missed the boating experience in the lake. A priceless encounter in the water. The quiet and peaceful boat ride made me so relaxed that I just wanted to stay there for long. I wished time frame to stop working and stuck at the moment. Yeah, it was all lovely to the core.

Mesmerizing view of the lake

Pawana Lake Camping Escapade

It was a friend’s birthday and college’s last few days before we all set out to the corporate world that we decided to go and relish Pawana Camping. Pawana Lake is on the outskirts of Pune near Lonavala. Splurging the rewarding and exuberant experience, I still can’t help but reminisce that amazing electric weekend in the embrace of fresh air and turned aesthete.

Relaxing beside the lake

We embarked our trip on Saturday noon (11th March 2017) from Khadki Pune via local, it seemed as herds flocked in no time and the compartment was full.

We deboarded the train at Lonavala station after one and a half hour. As soon as we stepped out of the station, a stint of vigorousness bounced my soul when I realized we are about to reach the Camping site in short time now. Off we were in the Innova to enrich ourselves with the brimful perplexed escapade. Through the fields, rocky paths, trees, rocks, and Lohgad Fort on the hilltop, we greeted the hills and sparkling water of the lake. We reached in time, before the sunset. Yes, the mesmerizing sunset witnessed through the waters of the lake was mind boggling.

Sunset View

After keeping the entire luggage in the tents provided we rushed down to the lake to see the tranquil dusk. A serene landscape is something I could never forget. We relaxed beside the lake and beheld this spellbinding display. It started getting dark and elegant, the moon was already seen and wohaa it was a full moon.

Full moon

We came to the tents and had snacks and tea followed by campfire beside the lake. BBQ feast, euphonious underground music, dew on the grass beneath the feet, stars and full moon in the dark sky above our heads – what more could have I asked for. The gaze was held on the star-full sky, and the world came to a halt, I wanted the time to stop and feel the cold breeze coming through the moon and preserve the intense heat of fire within me. Through all this, the lake view, the calm water, and the wind played together. I did not feel like going inside the tent to grab some sleep as all this was breathtaking. At 4 am, few boats started commuting through the lake probably for collecting material for daily chores. Ships belonged to the locals.

Early in the morning, around 5 am the first ray of light made the calm water glee with the brightest glow. At 7 am we went down the other part of the lake and speculated partly lost in the lake view. We had a pleasant natural fish pedicure perching on the rocks and loosening ourselves.
Back at the tent, we were served tea and poha, and after the nostalgic and beautiful event, we had to head back. We wished a goodbye to the Pawana Lake and thanked the host for the pleasant stay. We all kept gaping at the lake until it left our sight.

Here today, I sit and reminisce the effervescent time spent. If given a chance I would go back and pick up the emotions, yet again, to hold close to my heart.


After so many tongue twisting names to call viz. Khursi – Khisru – Khusru, what
remembered with me is an unforgettable journey to a tiny hill station KHIRSU Uttarakhand. Going up hills from Lansdowne to Pauri City to Khirsu Village there was so much puzzling spiral roads, but thanks to Google Maps which, always held our hand in reaching our destination.

On reaching Khirsu our happiness was on top. Like we found a new continent on the earth, So much peace – So much serenity, feeling like a Saint who came for salvation Om Shanti Om. Papa Peacock, I heard the voice of my daughter which bring me back to real world, soon I realize how smart she is by visualizing birds from her A-B-C-D chart to real world objects, a practical learning tour for her.

So here we are on a picture perfect and peaceful hill station Khirsu, a perfect panoramic view of Himalaya was in front us with flawless beauty of Mountains and ranges of pine trees. In evening we planned to visit nearby Summer Farm
Meadow, shared greetings with local villagers on the way, this reflected love and respect for tourists. Step farming is visible all round as it’s a main occupation of villagers. Summer Farm Meadow was quite big and surrounded by small pathway, we followed the pathway and adored the scintillating view of nature.

Our stay was with Garwal Mandal Resort which has great mountain-view
with price tag of Rs1800 / night which includes breakfast. Staff and services
was good. Khirsu Uttarakhand is well connected by road and it is 325 km from Delhi, after crossing Kotdwara which is 200km from Delhi you reach nearest popular hill station of Uttarakhand, Lansdowne, from there it’s 125km all hilly areas, one can also take cab from Kotdwara which is the last railway station.

Rumi Darwaza, Lucknow

During my recent visit to Lucknow , We decided to explore the ethnic beauty of old Lucknow (Purana Lucknow). After visiting Bada Imambaras, it was a short drive through the spectacular Rumi Darwaza .The 60 ft tall Rumi Darwaza is also known as the Turkish Gate as it has been created on the Bab-i-Humayun in is marked by an eight faceted chhatri in its uppermost part. In earlier times it was used to mark the entrance to the Old Lucknow City. It is now adopted as a symbol of the city of nawabs . It was built by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula to generate employment during the famine of 1784.

Rumi Darwaza. Lucknow
Rumi Darwaza. Lucknow

This time i have an experience in visiting my city.Lucknow is not just any other city, but a chapter that unfolds itself each time when I visits this epicenter of culture.

Amritsar Trip

Amritsar Trip
Amritsar Trip

I went in the region of Punjab, in the city of Amritsar to see the famous golden temple and it was awesome it is literally a temple made of gold! Of course its real name isn’t gold temple but “Harmandir Sahib” meaning the abode of God. We can definitely say that it is one of the most sacred places in India. I remember a sentence of a guide saying that this temple commemorates a lot of Sikh event and that it is a bringer of peace. As you know, i love drawing the places that i visit so i drew this one! Today was a good day!

“Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab, India”

Trip to Jaipur

Last year we had a chance to go jaipur. It is a very nice city. we enjoyed a lot.