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Travelothon provides a unique marketing tool for travel bloggers just like you, to publish content on our platform helping you grow your fan base and reach a relevant and greater audience via Guest Blog. We encourage bloggers to contribute unique, interesting and one of kind content which will naturally come from your experience of traveling around.

If you think you can do justice to Travel Blogging then carry on as we tell how you can benefit from our platform.

Why choose Travelothon?

  • Fastest Growing Travel Community Blog
  • Visitors from 23 countries including India, USA, Australia, UK, Canada
  • 100k+ monthly visitors
  • Lots of topics to write about – Destinations, Adventure, Places to visit, Road Trips, Weekend Getaways and many more
  • A link back to your personal blog and/or social media pages
  • Promotion on various social networks to improve your brand

Guest Blogs aka Travelothon Stories

A guest blog published on our website is a Travelothon story and when you start publishing it you become a author. You can Publish or Save Drafts of your story and edit and delete only drafts.

Before you publish

Few things to keep in mind before you publish your first story:

  • Story Quality: A story should be a minimum of 500 words. Original content is a must along with a few photographs taken by you
  • Credit: We respect individual work and assume that you do the same. Any derivative work/ idea should be given proper credit
  • Self promotion: Our platform is here to promote you and your blog. Feel free to add relevant links in your story for the user to find your blog. A max of 2 links per story are allowed so we recommend to avoid linking more than that as extra links will be removed
  • Copyright: Copied work is dealt with a ban on author and immediate removal of the copied story. Also once you submit a story to Travelothon, you give us copyright ownership of the post
  • Comments: People like to discuss about what they have read. Answering queries through comments can be a great way of reaching out to your readers
  • Guidelines: Check out content guidelines here

How to submit your Story?

Directly publish or save a draft of your story at Write a Story.

All your stories are available under My Story tab.

You will be asked to Login/Register before you can proceed with writing and that is it. We have kept it simple so no waiting for long queue periods. Write and publish is our only formula

What can lead to Account Suspension?

  • Duplicate content submission
  • Offensive/Inaccurate content
  • Fake stories
  • Adding multiple links to your story even after repeated warning