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Pawana Lake Camping Escapade


It was a friend’s birthday and college’s last few days before we all set out to the corporate world that we decided to go and relish Pawana Camping. Pawana Lake is on the outskirts of Pune near Lonavala. Splurging the rewarding and exuberant experience, I still can’t help but reminisce that amazing electric weekend in the embrace of fresh air and turned aesthete.

Relaxing beside the lake

We embarked our trip on Saturday noon (11th March 2017) from Khadki Pune via local, it seemed as herds flocked in no time and the compartment was full.

We deboarded the train at Lonavala station after one and a half hour. As soon as we stepped out of the station, a stint of vigorousness bounced my soul when I realized we are about to reach the Camping site in short time now. Off we were in the Innova to enrich ourselves with the brimful perplexed escapade. Through the fields, rocky paths, trees, rocks, and Lohgad Fort on the hilltop, we greeted the hills and sparkling water of the lake. We reached in time, before the sunset. Yes, the mesmerizing sunset witnessed through the waters of the lake was mind boggling.

Sunset View

After keeping the entire luggage in the tents provided we rushed down to the lake to see the tranquil dusk. A serene landscape is something I could never forget. We relaxed beside the lake and beheld this spellbinding display. It started getting dark and elegant, the moon was already seen and wohaa it was a full moon.

Full moon

We came to the tents and had snacks and tea followed by campfire beside the lake. BBQ feast, euphonious underground music, dew on the grass beneath the feet, stars and full moon in the dark sky above our heads – what more could have I asked for. The gaze was held on the star-full sky, and the world came to a halt, I wanted the time to stop and feel the cold breeze coming through the moon and preserve the intense heat of fire within me. Through all this, the lake view, the calm water, and the wind played together. I did not feel like going inside the tent to grab some sleep as all this was breathtaking. At 4 am, few boats started commuting through the lake probably for collecting material for daily chores. Ships belonged to the locals.

Early in the morning, around 5 am the first ray of light made the calm water glee with the brightest glow. At 7 am we went down the other part of the lake and speculated partly lost in the lake view. We had a pleasant natural fish pedicure perching on the rocks and loosening ourselves.
Back at the tent, we were served tea and poha, and after the nostalgic and beautiful event, we had to head back. We wished a goodbye to the Pawana Lake and thanked the host for the pleasant stay. We all kept gaping at the lake until it left our sight.

Here today, I sit and reminisce the effervescent time spent. If given a chance I would go back and pick up the emotions, yet again, to hold close to my heart.

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