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Warangal, Andhra Pradesh


Warangal, the erstwhile capital of the great Kakatiya Kingdom which ruled during 12th- 14th century, is presently an ushering industrial and cultural centre in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. The Warangal city is credited as the fifth largest city in the state and has the historical legacy of being known as Oruguallu or Omtikonda or Ekasilanagaram mainly due to the existence of a huge hillock seems to be carved out of one stone.

It is assumed that the Prola Raja of great Kakatiya Kingdom built this beautiful town in 12th century and given the incredible status of the Capital city. The Kakatiyas who ruled more than 200 years left many grandeur monuments, architectural marvels like Warangal fort, a Shiva temple known as Swayambhu temple and many such ancient structures. Travel diaries of great traveler Marco Polo also has mentions of this great city.

Warangal basically consists of an agricultural community, cultivating rice, red chilies, cotton and tobacco. Warangal is renowned for its granite quarries, exported to many other states.

Present Warangal attracts many tourists, thanks to Warangal’s important history, exquisite monuments, grand temples, superb gardens, beautiful lakes, and sanctuaries with rich fauna & flora. The Main draw of tourists in the city include Warangal Fort, the 13th century star shaped Shiva temple, Bhadrakali temple and the thousand pillared temple. Wildlife Sanctuaries at Pakhal and Eturnagaram and Pakhal Lake are other tourist spots which are worth visiting. Natural beauty with magnificent manmade structures leaves Warangal with an enviable spot in the tourist map of India.

Main Attraction:

Warangal Fort: Warangal Fort, constructed during the legendary Kaktiya period in the 13th century, is a wonderful tourist spot. The grandeur Fort with four mammoth Sanchi style gateways at the entrance is a fine example of South Indian architecture. The fort consisting of two walls and the outer wall carries the credit of being the largest of this type in Indian region. The Fort is adorned with a temple in its middle and is renowned for its sculptures.

Presently the fort is in ruins and many tourists visit here to have a view of the grand old fort. The visitors with interest in architecture, ancient history and ancient sculptures can study lot from this Fort premise.

How to reach:

Warangal railway station is a major railway station in the main railway line connecting Chennai (Tamil Nadu Exp), Bangalore (Sangha Mitra Ex), Mumbai (vKonark Express) and New Delhi (Rajdhani Exp). Warangal is well connected with all the major cities of India. All trains passing through Warangal will have a stop here.

Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Public bus services connect Warangal with other major cities in Andhra. Regular frequent bus services are available from Warangal to Hyderabad. Many private bus providers ply tourist buses from Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam and Vijayawada to Warangal, charging about Rs 4 per km.

Best Time to Visit:

Summers (April – June)

Other Attractions:

Thousand Pillared Temple
Pakhal Lake

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